How Distributor Support Works

Ecreativeworks’ Distributor Support Solution – diagram of how it works

Caption: Ecreativeworks Distributor Support Solution – This example is highlighting a manufacturer that has 6 product lines and 14 distributors. Linking to each distributor’s website the manufacturer is providing product specifications related to each product line the distributor is carrying. If the distributor is carrying the full catalog, all product lines are shared if a distributor is carrying just one product line, just those product specs are shared with that distributor.

Inside Ecreativeworks’ Distributor Support

Ecreativeworks Distributor Support provides many benefits to the manufacturer and to the distributor. We work with the manufacturers to help share their product information in an electronic format. With Ecreativeworks’ Distributor Support Solution manufacturers share their online catalogs and product configurators with their distributors providing the distributors with the ability to easily market the manufacturer’s products online.

Ecreativeworks offers manufacturers a way to support their distribution channels through consistent content and product specifications; the Ecreativeworks Distributor Support Solution also enables the distributor to receive quotes and online purchases directly from their own website. With this solution, the distributor is granted the product lines they specifically carry of a manufacturer. Once the manufacturer updates their product line, the linked distributor’s website is updated through this program. This provides a strong presentation of the manufacturer’s line to the end user, but helps support the sale of the OEM’s products by the distributor.

The Distributor Support solution assures that the distributor’s online catalog is up to date and product specifications are accurate; the manufacturer can be ensured their products are being properly presented online. A distributor benefits from the solution as they do not have to take on the maintenance and cost of updating product information. The distributor also has the ability to manage their pricing structure when applicable.

Ecreativeworks Distributor Support can also be used by manufacturers whose products are configurable. In addition to purchasing or requesting a quote for specific products, the Distributor Support Solution can provide a configurator to the distributors for the custom products the OEM can quote. Through a series of questions, a part number is built. That part number can then be purchased online or directed to a RFQ form which will be submitted for custom quoting.

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